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Since its foundation, ICTS has successfully exercised its global power in different segments, and always kept its organization structure dynamic through different acquisitions, mergers or split-offs. The basic objective of ICTS is to benefit from every industry, and its acquisition by Securitas Turkey in 2010 has strengthened its presence in the competitive market.

1982ICTS Established!

ICTS (International Consulting on Targeted Security) was established in the Netherlands.

It grew by especially specializing in aviation and general security.

1996Hello to Turkey

ICTS Global, Turkey Consulting Office was established. Thus was laid the foundation of the company which would provide consulting to the Turkish business world for 14 years.

2000ICTS Splits into Two

In 2000, the ICTS Group decided to carry out its activities from two different lines. The company was split as ICTS Europe and ICTS Global.

2000Public Offering

ICTS International was listed on the American NASDAQ stock market. This realized the public offering of the company.

2002The Fraport AG Period

The Fraport AG Airport Services based in Frankfurt, Germany acquired ICTS Europe.

2008The MDB AG Period

MDB AG acquired ICTS.

2010ICTS Global joined forces with Securitas!

Securitas Turkey acquired ICTS Global for the sake of cooperation in the developing global world.

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