X-Ray Training

The X-Ray devices, which allows display of the objects inside bags and luggage, are not smart devices that automatically detect the threat and warn the Security Officer. Detection of a suspicious image or image of a threat is directly related to the level of knowledge and training of the operator along with his/her attention and motivation.

During the X-ray trainings, ICTS uses Eagle and X-Ray Master platforms.

These training platforms have been developed with a thinking where past experiences intensify and which does not ignore the pedagogical, didactic and technological factors, and they simulate the possible situations that the x-ray operators may face during their daily working schedule.

In the classroom training arrangement, a complete multimedia structure is used to introduce the explosive materials, bombs, arms, sharp objects and hazardous materials with thousands of x-ray images via a PC projector, and the operators are taught how to identify both these materials that may pose a threat and the harmless ones.


  • Door type metal detector training
  • Door type metal detector usage procedures
  • Suspicious signs
  • Routine and emergency practices
  • Search and check with a hand-held detector
  • Introduction to x-ray training
  • Process of and reasons for development of x-ray technology
  • Areas and purposes of use
  • Radiation, safety


Techniques of screening under an x-ray device

  • Introduction
  • Examination techniques
  • Use of different angles
  • Identifying objects that may be seen in daily life
  • Power tools
  • Dresses
  • Food items-different packages
  • Cosmetic products
  • Personal accessories
  • Identifying threat risks – Arms and hazardous materials
  • Firearms
  • Grenades
  • Sharp objects
  • Hazardous materials
  • Summary


Threat risks-studying examples

  • Threat risks-information on explosive materials
  • Description
  • Explosive materials
  • Fuses
  • Mechanisms
  • Summary
  • Explosive mechanisms and hiding methods
  • Hiding methods
  • Procedure for recognition and identification
  • Procedures at the time of identification
  • Clean bags
  • Suspicious bag and related procedure
  • Threat risk identification and related procedure
  • Examination of explosive mechanism images
  • Interactive exam

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