The Firing Trainings

The firing trainings organized by ICTS not only aim at effective use of a firearm, but also its safe handling and  protection during routine times.


The firing trainings include the following subjects:


Training without Ammunition: In the beginning of the training, before live firing trainings, the basic subjects of firing are discussed with the security officers, with arms and without ammunition. In this section:

Safety rules: This is the most basic and critical subject of the whole training process. The safety rules that must be followed by the security officer for his/her own safety and the safety of others during training and when on duty are taught.

Firearm Checks: The methods for the firearm checks required to be done before and after firing

Firing Positions: Standing, on ground, correct and balanced firing positions

Correct Grip of a Firearm: Correct ways to hold the firearm for an accurate shot

Trigger Exercises: The correct trigger squeeze method for an accurate shot

Live Firing Trainings: The following subjects are discussed in live firing trainings:

Serial, fast firing to a close target without aiming

Firing to a target at a medium distance

Firing with aim to a target at a long distance

Firing by changing magazines

Standing, crouching, and combined firing techniques


Simulations: The last part of the firing trainings include the simulation trainings which aim at measuring and improving the correct reaction competencies of the security officers who encounter a possible surprise. These simulations aim at ensuring that a security officer who faces with an armed attack is psychologically prepared for this situation and able to apply the correct emergency procedures.

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