Typical Problem

In the Telecom industry, revenue loss is usually not fully measured nor properly analyzed, resulting with unfocused actions and limited achievements. In most cases, the fraudulent traffic is mixed with other loss generators, not quantified nor categorized, thus leading to ineffective programs in place to detect and control fraud with no full accountability. Also, most of the anti-fraud programs are of a reactive nature and not fraud prevention focused.

Our Solution

We perform a significant reduction of revenue losses related to bad intentioned usage of the telecom service and stabilization of sustainable loss levels, by implementing a project in which we perform the assessment of the opportunity, solution development, pilot implementation, organization-wide roll-out and finally achieving sustainable fraud loss levels, bringing bottom line results to our clients.

Benefits to Our Clients

A loss reduction program will add value by improving the company's bottom line, reducing revenue bad intentioned loss, increasing revenues by transforming some non-paying customers into quality ones and improving the collection focus and results.