Loss Prevention

Typical Problem

Loss prevention efforts throughout an organization are many times disperse and lack an appropriate responsibility assignment as well as integrated and coordinated efforts with all areas having potential impacts on losses. Many times the loss fighting effort is solely security driven, lacking other fundamental aspects for loss reduction and prevention.

Our Solution

Implementing the Loss Prevention concept and changing security driven approaches to an integrated loss prevention approach, enabling the company to reduce its losses and maintain / improve the reduction. Improving management effectiveness by creating and adapting tools and controls. Designing a new Loss Prevention structure and profiling, recruiting internally or externally and training the loss prevention oriented staff to perform in this structure.

Benefits to Our Clients

Skills and technology transfer and an acceleration of the company's Loss Prevention learning curve, enabling clients to run long-term effective Loss Prevention tasks. This allows companies to perform more than achieving temporary loss reduction, rather working on the roots of problems and anticipating environment changes, thus insuring the loss level is maintained at industry averages or below.