• Human Life

    With its integrated solutions, ICTS minimizes the risks to human life thanks to its expertise and international experience.

  • Corporate Asset

    In today’s world of competition, we have to consider the risks in a successful project. Where profit and loss is assessed by low percentages, there are employees who try to benefit from this as a result of unethical competition.

  • Image

    In today’s communication media, all kinds of information, whether good or bad, are circulating everywhere, especially on the internet. It can even be hearsay! Working together with the external factors brings in the risk of coverage in the media.


ICTS offers the first operational performance measurement method in the market. More ›



It has turned the operational performance to numeric result... more..>


Fiba Holding was elected again as the Consultant to ICTS.

ICTS has undertaken the branch audit project of TEB throughout Turkey. more..>


ICTS has undertaken auditing of bank branches all around Turkey with its broad experience. more..>

About ICTS

ICTS (International Consultants on Targeted Security) was founded in 1982 by a distinguished group of businessmen and professional security experts. Since its foundation, ICTS has grown constantly and become a leading company providing service in aviation and general security, electronic project design and consultancy services.

ICTS Turkey was founded in 1966 as a foreign capital company and today, is providing consultancy service to more than 70 companies and organizations.

Our main goal is to help people and organizations fight against many threats that create danger for their security and that gradually increase and diversify, such as terrorism, theft (our activities in this field cover stores, markets, shopping centers, etc.), damages of goods, white-collar crimes, misuse of information and financial information.


ICTS hizmetleri arasında, müşterilerimizin insan hayatı, mal, bilgi ve imajına dönük riskleri düşürmek için, entegre ve kapsamlı genel güvenlik hizmetleri verilir. Bu çözümler, kendimize özgün metod ve yöntemler ile yaratılır, bu çözmlerin ortaya çıkmasında temel presiplerimiz vardır:

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